Ciara Brannan|

Project Brief

Visual Style

To explore visual style this assignment required a blind choosing of three elements to create one cohesive poster. The seperate elements included pantone colours, Toronto food festivals, and an art style. The logo had to to redesigned as well to be worked into the advertisement poster.

I drew the combination pantone 419, Vegandale, and minimal/flat style. These three choices lead me to draw illustrative, cartoon vectors and adding movement to my poster to make the eye travel down the page.


Thought Process and Inspiration

While designing I was influenced by Saul Bass and Paul Rand. Their playful and flat designs are a staple in the innovation of graphic design by using impressionism. The yellow colour is remiscent of Big Mac sauce to give a subliminal hint to Vegandale's staple item- the vegan Big Mac.

Design References Gallery

Paul Rand Advertisements
Saul Bass Movie Posters

Techniques Used

I traced vector shapes with the pentool in Illustrator and focused on the contrast between smooth and jagged lines. I assembled the pieces of the vegan Big Mac to look as if it has movement and layered the ingredients onto a certain perspective plane while still reamining flat and two dimentional.