Ciara Brannan|

Project Brief

Visual Style

Create a cover for a book about innovative and pioneer thinkers. Choose one pioneer thinker and try and model their art style for inspiration. These are people who think differently than what is considered mainstream, and bring something new to the world. The text was supplied and must be on the cover.

poster design

Thought Process and Inspiration

The pioneer thinker I researched is an artist named Mark Kirton, or @markrenders on instagram. He renders composite images with high levels of realism and detail. He uses nostalgic imagery and places them into a dystopic and decaying worlds which envokes emotion in a unqiue way. This is what makes me see him as a pioneer thinker. Mixing childhood nostaligia and death... feel old yet?

The TV's on the front cover is a subliminal hint to cartoon-watching as a child, and represents what is thought to be understood goes out the window when you seperate perspective and reality.

Techniques Used

I created my composite image using Adobe Photoshop. I found the images on a royalty free website and placed them into my own dystopic-looking scene. I blended the window and TV's together using layer masks and feathered brushes. I stretched a duplicated layer beneath the TV's and made a custom brush that rendered scattered squares as it's brush stroke. Using the square brush and masks I was able to create movement of particles by revealing the stretched layer underneath. Camera raw filters were layered on top to solidify the effects I made.