Ciara Brannan|

Project Brief


Create a sock brand and a custom cardstock package that hangs. The brand should a clear target audience. A dieline and a mockup were required.

Thought Process and Inspiration

I was inspired by my niece for this project. She is a little angel, even though she is always fussing with her socks. She started calling them "So-kies", and a toddler saying that word is particularily cute and funny. I used this as inspiration! The brand Sokies is targetted towards infants, and the package tells the story of lace socks for "little princesses" in it's imagery. The colour palette is neutral to simulate the natural materials the socks are made of and are sold in packs of 4. An open window is used for visibility of the product to consumers.

poster design

Techniques Used

I found a dieline for this style of box online and downloaded a mockup that worked with the design. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the imagery on the dieline and lay out the typography. I photoshopped the labels onto the mockup.