Ciara Brannan|

Project Brief


Create and roll out a new brand and product family of hygiene products that would be sold in drugstores. The choice was free between designing men's or women's products. Stylize product mockups with supplied names and text, and display a hierarchy in the typography.

Thought Process and Inspiration

“SIR.” is designed for the adult male demographic with a design composed of monochromatic tones paired with a corporate colours for a pop of contrast. The suit illustration is reminiscent of super heroʼs chest emblems t o envoke the feeling of power, confidence, and reliability. The suit has a chrome finish to convey a higher-end and classy product, even if itʼs only being sold in drugstores. The typography is geometric, straight-edged and centre aligned for a masuline and assertive look.

Shampoo and Conditioner
Fash Wash
Hair Pomade
Spray Deodorant

Techniques Used

I used Adobe Illustrator to display my labels on the mockups given by my professor. I used Illustrator to design the logo and typography.