Ciara Brannan|

Project Brief

Visual Style

Create a retro style poster from a time period of your choice with a headline, and include "The Return of the Yoyo" as a subhead. An image of a yoyo needed be featured somewhere on the poster.

Thought Process and Inspiration

I was inspired by the 60s time period. My design uses comic book illustration technique and layered shadows. The persepective pose is mean to as dramatic as the comic books. I knew from the moment we recieved this project what I wanted the final piece to look like, and I worked very hard to achieve my ambitions.

Techniques Used Gallery

poster design
poster design

Techniques Used

I traced vector shapes with the pentool in Illustrator from various toy robots and designed my own compliation. I assembled the pieces and brought them into Photoshop where I converted the vectors to smart objects, and layered shadows using a black brush with 10% opacity for building.

After all the pieces were assembled, I used the Camera Raw Filter on Photoshop to achieve the grainy effect and saturated colours. Using this filter makes any composite look cohesive and well blended.