Ciara Brannan|

Project Brief

Advertising and Campaigns

Design an ad campaign following brand guidelines as accurately as possible from a supplied list of companies. I chose LG because I was interested in their appliance capabilities.

poster design

Thought Process and Inspiration

I followed a specific type of LG ad layout that was supplied. Brand Guidelines included:

Appliances that are not in a photographed scene must be featured on a white background, and must be on an intriguing angle. Luckily, I found many of these types of images on their website.

Typography in the typeface "Charlotte Sans" as per brand guidelines, and this style of ad involved specific placement and measurements between headings and copy.

The logo must certain height and in the middle of the bottom margin of the page.

Two stripes with specified heights were to be placed on the top and bottom of this ad, (usually only one stripe is used) but layout instructions stated to have two.

Techniques Used

I used InDesign to make these two ad campaigns to utilize LG's typographic brand guidelines properly.