Ciara Brannan|

Project Brief


Design one cover and two interior design spreads for Azure Magazine. The cover must have one feature article that corresponded to the two spreads, was required to have one well-known interior designer be the focus.

Thought Process and Inspiration

The inspiration for the magazine spreads is an expert in minimalism named Marie Kondo, or as many people know her, Konmari. Marie has a strong online presence with millions of Youtube subscribers and wrote a record-selling book on her efficient method of tidying and reducing clutter called "The Konmari Method". I enjoy watching her Youtube channel and have taken many of her tips and implemented them into my life. One of her main pieces of advice involves associating your possessions with the question "does it bring me joy?". If the answer is no then say bye bye!

In these magazine spreads I chose the topic of minimalistic interior design so white space is definitely utilizied here. I was focusing on displaying a strong grid and ensuring text boxes and images lined up in a pleasing layout. I drew out several layouts in my sketch book using the "squares and boxes" method and developed multiple variations before diving in to the software.

Techniques Used

Since this project was focused on typography I used InDesign to build a grid that is aligned.

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