Ciara Brannan|

What I Know Now

My name is Ciara Brannan, and as a student in a graphic art program I have been assigned a wide variation of work. The range I have explored will be incredibily beneficial for my designs yet to come. I have learned the basics and I am willing to learn more because I am always striving for success. If at first I don’t succeed I am fuelled to work diligently and surpass expectations. One's knowledge can only grow in the field of graphic design, and I am peristent and I have yet to understand the power of the my creativity.


I am currently finishing my second of three years in the graphic design advanced diploma program. I have learned so much and I am always watching videos online to further my skills as well.

Skills and Strengths

I am intermediate with essential Adobe applications such as Illustrator and InDesign, and I love creating composites with personality using Photoshop. I can also code responsive and professional-looking websites!